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For many, joining a church is a process rather than a decision. Even so, the time may come for that process to result in a decision! At this point, it's helpful to devote a short period of time to consider the bigger picture of where LCC stands on some key issues. For example, our linkage to the Lifelink Global network of churches ( provides us with apostolic covering that we view as essential and its good to have a chance to explain why. We like to be transparent in all our dealings and never to create expectations that become a pressure.​

We place a lot of value in spending time together as a Church. On many Sundays, after the morning meeting, someone in the church often volunteers to have everyone back to their home for lunch, or in a restaurant together at the 02 centre. All visitors are very welcome and often join us. It is a great time for fellowship and fun in a very busy city

Please contact the church office for more details or if you would like to organise or host a hospitality lunch.


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