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London Community Church is a loving community of Christian believers with a great heart for worship and mission: around 50 adults and children in regular attendance and commitment, coming from North West London and surrounding areas.

It is a lively community of people characterised by their love for God, for each other and for the communities of which they are a part. We regularly baptize those who have come to know Jesus for the first time and we frequently break bread and share wine to remember Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and his promise of new life. 

We are a charismatic evangelical church relating to many other similar churches both in the UK and overseas. Lifelink International is the name given to these churches working together. Although from many different backgrounds, ages and occupations, the church is well known for its warm welcome, vibrancy in worship and the unity that comes from a living relationship with Jesus.

London Community Church started in 1984 in the St John’s Wood area of North London. The church was launched by the late Richard Bartrop, a zealous and dedicated man who led the church for 5 years before giving himself fully into establishing a Bible College in Zambia, to where he eventually moved with his wife, Janet. Currently, the church is led by Chris and Nikki Williams, whom Richard knew well and personally recommended to take on the senior leadership of the church. 


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