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We meet at 11am and usually start with worship before our children go to their meetings. Inspiring talks from the Bible follow and we finish with hot drinks and to catch up with each other.



We meet on Zoom on the first Wednesday of each month to pray together.


We meet midweek on Zoom for Bible teaching in different ways. At present we are doing ‘Bible Dialogues’, in a series entitled, ‘Into The Unknown’. After a brief introduction, and having studied as best we can beforehand, we are exploring the challenges of life where there is no roadmap. The Bible faithfully records both successes and failures but all are recorded for our benefit.


The LCC Discipleship Adventure

We offer a 4 session discipleship course to be ready with the good news message that we have been entrusted with:

Session 1: Our Message

Session 2: Your story

Session 3: Resources from Heaven

Session 4: Two guiding principles

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