On Sunday mornings, we gather at 10:30 and have a short worship time together before our children go to their meetings. We usually take a good thirty minutes giving ourselves to bible teaching and preaching because we set a high value on the power of God's word to impact our lives. When our children join us again at around 11:30, we worship together until midday with songs and flags and lively music and praise! Refreshments follow and a chance to catch up with each other. Sometimes we all have lunch together either at the O2 Centre or at someone's home.



During the first week of each month, we meet in many locations to pray. We believe in prayer – and Jesus taught his followers to pray and not to give up! We call these meetings, ‘Houses of Prayer’.​ 



During the second week of each month, we meet to encourage each other concerning reaching out with our message. It is a chance to hear back about what has been going on and to pray for neighbours and local communities. ​