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“I went along to a church held in a Cinema because I was curious. The preacher asked for all the broke students to raise their hands. ‘You there in the red jumper’ I heard and realised he was talking to me. ‘Come on down’, he said, and I found myself gently ushered to the front, face as red as my jumper thinking ‘...what on earth am I doing?’ I suspiciously climbed the steps to the platform and stood next to him as he proceeded with his message. He said he had a £5 note in his pocket and asked whether I believed him. ‘Yes’, I replied and he asked why. “‘Because I don’t think you’d lie to me’, I responded. He produced the £5 note, and said, ‘What would you say if I said I was going to give you this £5 note?’ Rather indignantly and a little too quickly I retorted, ‘I would tell you that my mother told me never to take money from strange men!’ The audience erupted with laughter and he went down on his knees laughing in front of me. I was horrified and remember little after that. Suffice to say, he gave me the £5 note and I returned to my seat. We then sang a number of songs that so stirred my heart that when they asked if there was anyone who would like to give their lives to Jesus, I practically ran down to the front to say yes and be prayed with. And what happened to the £5 note? I bought my first ever bible with that exact note. I still have that bible, I still have that faith, I still know that Jesus chose me that day to live for him. Has He chosen you today?”

- Leigh


“I never intended to become a Christian, I was quite happy without religion. I was certain that it was all rubbish and not for me in any event. Then some people came to my school and left us all little New Testaments. I threw mine to one side but later I picked it up and turned to the verse it recommended for ‘suicidal’ – just to see what it would say. It said: ‘As a deer longs for water, so your soul longs for the living God’. I was stunned and silent. In a few seconds, I gave my life to God, no matter what it would cost and wherever it would lead. It has been an exciting adventure of life and faith!”

- Chris

​“Dino and I got married in 2008. Health checks earlier in the year revealed that I wouldn’t get pregnant naturally and although I was not too worried about it, Dino was worried that we may never be able to have kids. God proved us wrong though when he blessed us with twins, conceiving only a few weeks into our marriage. We have been continually blessed since then with an abundance of provisions for us and the babies. We can’t thank God enough for how he blessed us.”
- Kate and Dino

​“I’d been going through the worst time in my life when a wonderful job came along and made such a difference. In the last week of it there was excitement as it looked as if I might get another great job; they’d never even met me but needed someone immediately. But then I heard it had gone to someone else. A friend prayed with me for work, and specifically asked that if that job was for me, it would come back. Saturday lunchtime, as I was about to go off to my last shows, I got a call asking if I could travel to Aberystwyth the next day to start Monday morning; if I could the job was mine - the other person had dropped out! Thanks, God”
- Lynn

“I’ve been a Christian my whole life and my faith has brought me joy, resilience and light in my darkest hour - most notably in 2004, when I had an accident that left me in a coma for many weeks. I suffered serious head injuries and underwent several brain surgeries. The doctors told my family that I probably wouldn’t make it. They prayed, my church prayed and many others also prayed for me. When I came out of the coma, the hospital predicted I would be in rehab for years. In preparation, my daughters visited many rehabilitation facilities but 9 months later I was back at my job.God pulled me through and today, with almost one third of my brain gone, I am completely healed and back at work. I am a walking miracle, praise God!”
- Rjemke

“I was brought up in the Greek Orthodox faith. I thought there was nothing more until someone shared with me their conversion to Christianity. They talked about a personal relationship with Christ. I knew that I could pray to God when I was in need but I didn’t know anything about the reality of Christ as my friend - I needed to understand more. When I asked how to become a Christian and to have this personal relationship with Christ, I was told that I had to repent. My reaction was that I had not sinned!! They continued to say that ‘it’s not what I did/do but when God looks at me, does He see Christ in me?’. Christ died on the cross so my sin was taken away and now the way is open for me to be close to the Father with no sin barrier between us. I could be called ‘righteous’ and ‘forgiven’. I accepted Christ in my life as my personal Saviour and friend 30 years ago. I have never looked back and I am amazed at God’s hand on my life which is given to Him. John 3 v16 says: ‘For God so loved the world that he gave His one and only Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life’”
- Nikki


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