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If you are wondering if you can visit – you are very welcome! We would love to welcome you and make you feel comfortable among us. You may like to talk with us about your faith journey which is always an encouragement to hear. If you would like to meet us to talk more – please contact us and we will arrange a time and place to get together that can work for you.

In the morning, we would currently expect around 50 adults and 20 children. There will be a couple of songs as we gather, followed by a talk (see the audio section to sample the preaching) and then a time of worship. At some point during the worship, we will receive an offering by passing round a couple of flowerpots!

On Sunday mornings the children join us as we gather for a short time of worship before going to their own groups during the adult teaching downstairs. They join us again for worship 45mins later. The programmes are tailored to be age appropriate, with engaging activities and teaching from the Bible.

We serve refreshments after the meetings and it is a great time to get to know people. If you feel to, please make yourself known to one of the church leaders.

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